Kingmaker Monticello

Never trust a teamster

Session 1

After a short trial Ragnar and Haedrian were released with a strong warning to stay out of the company of bandits or face the headsman. Joining Lux, Rowan, and Kecsys as hired guards for a shipment of spirits from Mabeth to New Stetven by a teamster named Viktor they set out for New Stetven. Halfway to New Stetven while on a narrow bridge over a large creek, bandits sprang an ambush, declaring the wagons be surrendered to the Stag Lord, in which two for the teamsters driving the carts joined in. 

After a short ruckus on and around the bridge Haedrian lay unconscious but stable and Lux chasing the last bandit who was fleeing for his life down.  Ragnar and Rowan checked the down bandits for life in the hope of questioning them. Unfortunatly for them all life had fled the bandits.

The next day with the spirits delivered and checked for anything off or illegal, the party hit the tavern across the way, and the fighters lost their battle against strong dwarven stout.

After being advised on a exploration job in Restov they headed off to Restov. 

In Restove the party used the evening to refresh them self and ensure they were presentable.

In the morning they took a short tour of the western side of the city before presenting themselves to the Aldori Sword Lords for an interview. Once the interviews were over and charter assignments were handed out the party found themselves assigned a charter to explored the Greenbelt section of the Stolen Lands.

6 charters were handed out, two for the Greenbelt, two for the Hooktoung Slough, and one each for the far western and far eastern sections of the Stolen Lands. 

The party was handed the contracts for the Charter and asked to sign the contracts and take official responsibility of the required duties.  



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