Jamandi Aldori


Sword Lord Jamandi Aldori.
Leader of the Sword Lords of the Free City of Restov defender of Rostland.

Oversaw the charter interviews was present at the charter presentation.


A near legendary figure within the Swordlords, Jamandi is both beautiful and deadly. Her characteristic fur cloak seems to flow on its own volition, always caught in some invisible breeze. Even with her hood pulled up, this woman’s gaze is striking, and her conviction and resolution is both obvious and slightly terrifying.
Carrying a thin bladed Aldori dueling sword at her hip, her skills on the fields of battle (and alleyways of Restov) is the stuff of legend. A vocal firebrand against the reigning monarchy, Jamandi has seen no small amount of trouble through royal agents from New Stetven and is only barely tolerated due to her influence and martial prowess.

Jamandi Aldori

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