Kingmaker Monticello

Two Clerics walk into a bar
Session 0

Kecsys and Rowan entered Mabeth and in a market ward, surrounded by narrow alleys and comfortable taverns they sought refreshment at The Cracked Goblet. The street outside was shaded by a canopy of colorful fabric, and the smell of hearty vegetables and roasted goose filled the air.  The place was quiet and seemed peaceful compared to the rowdy noise coming from the taverns near by.

Shortly after settling into their refreshment of water and ale a sergeant of the guard approached the pair inquiring if they would be willing to assist in the night watch of the granary. The pair agreed after the sergeant agreed to a 3 gold tithe to the church for each.

Kecsys and Rowan were to meet the other "guards" which were 2 prisoners conscripted into service and a guard who seemed rather lax in his vigil of the two prisoners. Shortly before midnight 4 thieves with 2 dogs approached from the east and west. They demanded the guards throw down their arms or have the dogs chew them off. A short time later the thieves lay dead short of their goal – the granary.  One prisoner a dwarf named Haedrian inspired fear in the halfling thief buying him time to put a dog down and wound the human thief.


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