Kingmaker Monticello

Two Clerics walk into a bar
Session 0

Kecsys and Rowan entered Mabeth and in a market ward, surrounded by narrow alleys and comfortable taverns they sought refreshment at The Cracked Goblet. The street outside was shaded by a canopy of colorful fabric, and the smell of hearty vegetables and roasted goose filled the air.  The place was quiet and seemed peaceful compared to the rowdy noise coming from the taverns near by.

Shortly after settling into their refreshment of water and ale a sergeant of the guard approached the pair inquiring if they would be willing to assist in the night watch of the granary. The pair agreed after the sergeant agreed to a 3 gold tithe to the church for each.

Kecsys and Rowan were to meet the other "guards" which were 2 prisoners conscripted into service and a guard who seemed rather lax in his vigil of the two prisoners. Shortly before midnight 4 thieves with 2 dogs approached from the east and west. They demanded the guards throw down their arms or have the dogs chew them off. A short time later the thieves lay dead short of their goal – the granary.  One prisoner a dwarf named Haedrian inspired fear in the halfling thief buying him time to put a dog down and wound the human thief.

Never trust a teamster
Session 1

After a short trial Ragnar and Haedrian were released with a strong warning to stay out of the company of bandits or face the headsman. Joining Lux, Rowan, and Kecsys as hired guards for a shipment of spirits from Mabeth to New Stetven by a teamster named Viktor they set out for New Stetven. Halfway to New Stetven while on a narrow bridge over a large creek, bandits sprang an ambush, declaring the wagons be surrendered to the Stag Lord, in which two for the teamsters driving the carts joined in. 

After a short ruckus on and around the bridge Haedrian lay unconscious but stable and Lux chasing the last bandit who was fleeing for his life down.  Ragnar and Rowan checked the down bandits for life in the hope of questioning them. Unfortunatly for them all life had fled the bandits.

The next day with the spirits delivered and checked for anything off or illegal, the party hit the tavern across the way, and the fighters lost their battle against strong dwarven stout.

After being advised on a exploration job in Restov they headed off to Restov. 

In Restove the party used the evening to refresh them self and ensure they were presentable.

In the morning they took a short tour of the western side of the city before presenting themselves to the Aldori Sword Lords for an interview. Once the interviews were over and charter assignments were handed out the party found themselves assigned a charter to explored the Greenbelt section of the Stolen Lands.

6 charters were handed out, two for the Greenbelt, two for the Hooktoung Slough, and one each for the far western and far eastern sections of the Stolen Lands. 

The party was handed the contracts for the Charter and asked to sign the contracts and take official responsibility of the required duties.  

Haedrian's Journal
To be updated after each session

Ragnar and I guarded a granary at the behest of the local lord of Mabeth (I think his name was Jeff or Geoff or some other Man name). They mentioned The Stag Lord but that halfling was more scared of me than of any bandit king. The dog, not so much. Guy with a crossbow shot himself in the foot but he knows some of that magic that makes me feel like I just finished a few pints so I guess he’ll be all right.

At the trial, Ragnar did most of the talking, which I think may have saved our collective hides. The foot-shooter and the other priesty gal think we’re their wards. This dwarf is his own dwarf.

Traveled to Restov. Nice town if you don’t mind flimsy buildings without any structural integrity. The roads are way too narrow also. To be true, it’s no wonder the men live too short of lives. They don’t build anything to last.

Got a paying gig from some fancy folks that I’ve heard are pretty good with a blade. We’re heading off to the untamed, wild lands to the southwest. I’ve got the job of drawing maps and cataloging some of the flora. Most of what I know is underground; mushrooms and the like. But I think I can manage. The barbarian is our cook. Torag only knows what his kind eats.

Into the Stolen Lands
Session 2 & 3

The party set off to explore the Stolen lands from Olegs trading post after a long discussion on capture or kill bandits and other creatures of the wilderness.

A short journey south the discovered several victims of an elaborate trap, after searching the area the intrepid adventures descided to camp and see if the trap maker returned to view the destruction. The night passed uneventfully with no sign of the trapper.  In the morning they found tracks of a large lupine that appeared to move on two legs. Moving on they continued to explore and encountered more lupine tracks and a large group of Kobolds collecting tithes for a god called sharptooth.  Ragnar gave them a small tribute and they seemed pleased but asked wanted something from the rest of the party. Hadrin dismounted and took the kobolds movement as threating and readied his weapons as a precausion.  Seeing this the kobolds fired a warning shot wide, and being a dwarf Hadrin attacked.  The kobolds were far stronger then they appeared and they had a sniper who was able to entangle who ever he hit with his arrows. It was close fight with many down on both sides but the kobolds on top when they started to pull back.  Feeling that they were being lured into a trap the the party did not pursue the kobolds.


Following that the party continued to explore circling back to the trading post to resupply before heading back out. On their circuit the party again encountered a group of kobolds who were tending a radish patch. Ragnar negotiated a trade of information and radishes for a small amount of gold in hopes of peace with the kobolds.

Upon returning to the post the party found the promised guards had arrived and were defending the post. The party turned east in another loop and found open plains and a hermit potion maker.


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