Character Creation

No Evil, Create a character that can and will work in a group.

This is a wilderness exploration with "kingdom building" later on. Early on exploration and survival are key skills. Later more social interaction and faction skills will be useful.

Option 1: Standard: Roll 4d6, discard the lowest die result, and add the three remaining results together. Record this total and repeat the process until six numbers are generated. Assign these totals to your ability scores as you see fit. This method is less random than Classic and tends to create characters with above-average ability scores.  Should be witnessed by GM or another player for fairness.

Option 2: 20 point Point buy

Purchase: Each character receives a number of points to spend on increasing his basic attributes. In this method, all attributes start at a base of 10. A character can increase an individual score by spending some of his points. Likewise, he can gain more points to spend on other scores by decreasing one or more of his <u>ability score</u>s. No score can be reduced below 7 or raised above 18 using this method. <u>See Table: Ability Score Costs</u> for the costs of each score. After all the points are spent, apply any racial modifiers the character might have.

The number of points you have to spend using the purchase method depends on the type of campaign you are playing. The standard value for a character is 15 points.

<caption>Table: Ability Score Costs</caption>


Score Points
7 –4
8 –2
9 –1
10 0
11 1
12 2
13 3
14 5
15 7
16 10
17 13
18 17

Character Creation

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