House Rules

Currently only the following books are allowed for use in game:

  • Core Rule Book
  • Advanced Class Guide

We may add additional books as we progress, however there is no guarantee of any  particular book or books being added.

For this campaign we will have 5 player character and 3 additional guards sent south a few days after the PC.  One guard can be used to replace a fallen PC or a resurrection artifact may be used to revive character.  The artifact must be attuned to the PC prior to death and carries a random effect upon use.

Please refrain from distractions such as phones, facebook, or mobile games etc while playing.

We will use the Crit hit and Crit Fumble deck. 

  • Crit Hit Deck When a crit threat is rolled and confirmed by a PC take the top card, read card result matching your damage type, Roll for damage as per card.  For the DM for balance only major NPC or "boss" character in combat will use Crit Cards
  • Crit Fumble When a Nat 1 is rolled and a miss is confirmed draw and follow damage type of card. Crit fumbles apply to all PC and NPC in combat



House Rules

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