Brevic tongues wag in alehouses, temples, market squares,
and “hospitality parlors” just as much as folk anywhere,
and there is a great deal for the people of Brevoy to gossip
and speculate about. The following are just a few of the
things muttered in a conspiratorial tone over a mug or shop counter.

Blood of Dragons: There were three dragons involved
in the conquest of Brevoy, not two. The two reds at the
Valley of Fire were both females. But their male mate was
close at hand—wearing the human guise of Choral the
Conqueror. House Rogarvia carried the blood of dragons
in their veins, and in the end it consumed them all.

The Conqueror’s Debt: Choral the Conqueror made
a pact with otherworldly forces to obtain not only his
vast army, but also the aid of his red dragon allies. The
disappearance of House Rogarvia is the result of Choral’s
debt finally coming due.

The Next Earthfall: Skywatch was built as a lookout and
warning post against disasters such as the Earthfall, and
the reason the Rogarvias have vanished is the observatory
has detected another such imminent threat. The people of
Skywatch huddle in shelter waiting for the sky to fall.

Return of the Conqueror: Choral placed the care of
Brevoy in the hands of his descendants and then departed
into the depths of the Gronzi Forest, promising one day to
return. The Vanishing is a sign the Conqueror’s return is
imminent, and he wants his kin either out of the way of his
armies, or just out of the way of his return to the throne.


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